There is no doubt that water resources are important pillar of socio-economic development of any country in the world. In the arid and semi arid region that cover more than 80% of the total land area of the Republic of Kenya, water is an extremely important resource. It is on this basis that the South Eastern Kenya University (SEKU) established a School of Water Resources Science and Technology (SWRST). The School is the only one in all public universities in Kenya that is solely dedicated to science of water resources. It is also the only School that has an academic department dedicated solely to hydrology and water resources. The school therefore is unique and has important role to play in building the capacity for sustainable water resources planning and management in Kenya. The vision of the school is to be a globally recognized centre of excellency in the science of water resources.

Currently, the School has four (4) separate academic programmes, namely (i) B.Sc in Hydrology and Water Resources Management, (ii) B.Sc in Fisheries Management and Aquaculture Technology, (iii) B.Sc in Aquatic Sciences and (iv) M.Sc in Integrated Water Resources and Watershed Management. Plans are underway to launch other equally competitive academic programmes at M.Sc and Ph.D levels.