The School offers the following programmes:


  1. Bachelor of Science (Hydrology and Water Resources Management)
  2. Bachelor of Science (Fisheries Management and Aquatic Technology)
  3. Bachelor of Science (Aquaculture Sciences)
  4. Bachelor of Science (Forestry)
  5. Bachelor of Science (Environmental Conservation & Natural Resources Management)
  6. Bachelor of Science (Land Resources Management)
  7. Bachelor of Science (Environmental Management)
  8. Bachelor of Science (Agro-ecosystems and Environmental Management)
  9. Bachelor of Science (Meteorology)
  10. Bachelor of Science (Geology)


  1. Master of Science (Agro meteorology)
  2. Master of Science (Mineral Exploration and Mining)
  3. Master of Science (Exploration Geo-Physics)
  4. Master of Science (Environmental Management)
  5. Master of Science (Climate Change & Agroforestry)
  6. Master of Science (Biodiversity Conservation and Management)
  7. Master of Science (Aquaculture)
  8. Master of Science (Integrated Water Resource and Watershed Management)
  9. Doctor of Philosophy (Water Resources Management Management)
  10. Doctor of Philosophy (Environmental Management)
  11. Doctor of Philosophy (Climate Change & Agroforestry)


  1. Diploma in Forestry
  2. Certificate in Environmental Impact Assessment(EIA) and Audit
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