Ms. Keziah N. Ngugi

POSITION: Assistant – Lecturer

SPECIALISATION: Land and Water Management
CONTACTS:  Tel.: +254 722 342271; Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


1989 - 1992:        Egerton University. B.Sc. Agricultural Education and Extension

2001 - 2004:    University of Nairobi, Department of Agriculture Engineering.  M.Sc. Land and Water Management

October 2013-to-date:     Assistant lecturer in the School of water, Science and Technology, Southern Eastern Kenya University, Kitui; Kenya

May 2012 –October 2013:     Part Time lecturer in the School of water, Science and Technology,  Southern Eastern Kenya University, Kitui; Kenya

February 2012-to Date:     Executive Director, Green Developments for Future Visions, Thika, Kenya

2009 – 2012:     Resource Mobilization Officer- Aragti Relief and Development Organization (ARDO), Kenya and Somalia.

2008 – 2011:     Desk officer- Resource Mobilization Officer, GS Consult/COPSO, Monitoring and Evaluation expert, Renewable energy development,Nairobi, Kenya

1993-2008:     TSC Teacher – Taught Agriculture and Biology.  Upper Hill Secondary School, Uhuru Secondary School, Kenya

1999-2008:     Ass. Secretary- General & Secretary-General, Kenya Rain Water Association, Nairobi, Kenya

1999-2000:             Chayvo Computer College, ICT Training, Embu, Kenya


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