Programmes offered

The Department is currently offering a BSc degree course in Hydrology and Water Resources Management and, MSc degree in Integrated Water Resources and Basin Management. The following are the upcoming courses:

  • Diploma in Applied Hydrology;
  • Diploma in Integrated Water Resources Management;
  • MSc in Water Resources and Wastewater Planning and Management;
  • PhD in Integrated Water Resources and Basin Management;

The department is also developing various short-courses in water supply and sanitation technology, wastewater management, watershed Management,  applications of GIS and Remote Sensing, irrigation and rainwater harvesting, among others. Tailor-made short courses will be targeting specific groups.  These short courses will aim at addressing specific community needs thus, an important contribution by the department to the community. 

Programmes for students with diverse backgrounds

Most of our students undertaking MSc studies in Integrated Water Resources and Watershed Management are drawn from diverse fields such as earth sciences, geographical sciences, biological sciences, environmental sciences, agricultural sciences and engineering. Our programmes integrate both physical and social sciences, thus providing an all round training for students who are planning to pursue careers in water resources management, assessment and monitoring. All our students are provided with an opportunity of undertaking a field-based project in their undergraduate programme. This exposes them at very early stage to various research approaches which enhances their problem solving and technical document drafting skills. We also attach our students to reputable institutions in the country where they learn new skills and experience real life working conditions. Our training approach also provides a good grounding for both Bachelors and Masters degree students planning to pursue further studies in hydrology and water resources, aquatic sciences, fisheries management and aquaculture technology, among others.

For further information, please contact the Dean of the School of Water Resources Science and Technology. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., ..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Tel.+254 714 645 694.


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